Product Review: President’s Choice Stuffed Young Turkey

pc stuffed young turkey

For (Canadian) Thanksgiving this year, I prepared President’s Choice Stuffed Young Turkey. It was upon one of my elder’s insistence that I roasted a frozen, butter-injected, pre-stuffed bird as part of our clan’s tradition. Normally we have the Butterball variety, but I rebelled and chose a different brand. Plus, I was lazy. As much as I love brining and lubing up my own poultry, I had a hectic week leading up to this weekend.

Here I review the PC Stuffed Young Turkey in terms of quality and ease of use. Please note that at the time of writing this post, there was no page on the President’s Choice website for this product. This page is for a similar product, the PC Young Turkey Basted with Real Butter.

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Product Review: the Breville YouBrew coffee machine

Breville YouBrew light-up console

Welcome to my review of the Breville YouBrew coffee machine! I have owned mine for over 6 months now. Please read on to learn more about my experiences and opinions on this product.

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